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Sustainability at LINSY


Linsy defines quality life in every piece of furniture and sustainable lifestyle throughout the production process. From material sourcing to manufacturing, we have been committed to limit our carbon footprint and bring meaningful change to every household. Through us, our customers engage in nature-loving practice and energy-saving solutions. We want the best comfort for every home and the best protection for our mother earth.

A Clean Start

Ethical Down

Ever wonder why the Linsy sofas are so cozy to lounge on? Our choice of down might be the answer. Linsy collects the finest down from our local partner farms at Foshan, Guangdong. 


Via strict animal-raising terms, we ensure our geese and ducks live under natural and pleasant conditions. The quality of the meat and feathers, hence, are significantly better and marked for higher prices. 


Modern farms have long ditched the practice of live plucking, which is inhumane and expansive in labor. Linsy worked closely with farms that use high speed machine plucking downs from dispatched/dead-from-natural-caused birds.


Ecological Production

Our commitment to responsible production is carried out during the entire process. We strictly adhere to the environmental regulations and cultivate a chemical-free workplace for colleagues and workers. 


By carefully designing, we elevate the manufacturing operations through consuming renewable energy, repurposing byproducts, recycling production waste, and reducing water usage. The more we make, the more eco-friendly we have become.


Vegan by choice

The silicone collection uses silicone leather, a cruelty-free fabric made from high-grade microfiber and non-wove cloth coated with silicon dioxide. It passes the non-toxic test of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. 


Resembling real cowhide, our luxuriously tender silicone leather performs excellently in ventilation and anti-abrasion. It also adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The vegan leather increases the sofa's longevity and explains sustainability in a concrete way.


Steadfast Safe


Linsy has partnered with reliable timber and chipboard sources for firm and DMF-free frames; fabric and cloth coating are carefully selected to eliminate phthalate emissions. The final products, including sofas, chairs, mattress, and tables, are certified as non-toxic by institutions like OEKO-TEX and SGS. 


Delivery & Assembly

Our accent chairs and modular sofas all have their parts packaged individually. We are also transitioning the separate packaging to new, more environmentally-conscious options (while you might still receive some pre-recycled materials in circulation, know that we aim to achieve 100% recycled or reusable packaging by 2024).