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Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Your experience and satisfaction are very important to us. We provide a 30-day return service for any LINSY products under certain conditions.We also provide a 3-year limited warranty service (Please visit【】for detailed imformation).

If you want to return the product(s) to us for refund or exchange, please read the following guidelines:


①To cancel the order(s), request a return for refund or exchange, please contact us at【】 for proceeding instructions and help. It will take a period of time to process your request. It is recommended that you contact us as soon as possible for an in-time approval.

②You can cancel the order(s) and request for a refund or request to change the order(s) without any charge if your request is approved before the delivery begins. In this case, you are allowed to claim a full refund if your order(s) were successfully cancelled. You can not cancel an order once the order begins to deliver.

③All item(s) are allowed to return for refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt. However, since we had provided the free shipping, when you request a return, you will be charged a RETURN CHARGE according to the status of the item(s). And when you return overweight/oversized item(s), you will need to bear the EXTRA SHIPPING FEE. If you request for a refund, such RETURN CHARGE and EXTRA SHIPPING FEE (if any) will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. If you request for an exchange, you will need to pay for the RETURN CHARGE and EXTRA SHIPPING FEE (if any) and return the item(s) to the designated return address before we deliver the new item(s) to you.

④You are required to provide several information by email to start the return process, including but not limited to: your order number; if you've already unpacked the item(s), photos of the item(s) that are clear enough for us to determine its status; if you keep the package intact, photos of the original cartons boxes with sealed labels that show the item(s) is unassembled, undamaged, resalable, and with original packaging; numbers of pieces that you would like to return; your unambiguous request for refund or exchange; if you request for an exchange, the color or size that you would like to exchange; and the reasons why you request a return (e.g., you don’t like the color; the size doesn’t fit your house, the item(s) is damaged due to the delivery, ect.).

⑤ We will estimate the amount that you can refund and the RETURN CHARGE rate that applies, estimate the EXTRA SHIPPING FEE (if any), grant the approval to return, and designate the return address by email. But the final refunding amount and the RETURN CHARGE rate will be determined according to the stauts of the returning item(s) after we have recieved and inspected the returning item(s). We do not accept any return without our approval in advance.


The biggest warehouse of ours is at 9059 HERMOSA AVENUE, RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, 91730.We will organize express company to pick up the item(s). please contact us first and provide your available phone number, address, and preference pickup time.

*We do not accept returns without prior notice and approval from. If you return the item(s) without our approval, we may not accept your return and you will bear the risk of shipping costs incurred as a result of our refusal to accept the return.


You may request a return or refund without paying a RETURN CHARGE if the item(s) you received meets the following criteria:

①Defective item(s) that is damaged, broken, or stained upon receipt.

②The size or color of the item(s) received is inconsistent with the order (not personal subjective feeling).


In order to offer fast and convenient shipping, avoid unexpected costs, and responsibly recycle returned items and provide replacements, we will charge a RETURN CHARGE. Normally the shipping fee is included in the RETURN CHARGE, but you will be responsible for EXTRA SHIPPING FEE for oversized item(s). The RETURN CHARGE rate will be determined based on the status of the order(s) and/or the item(s).

Status of the Order(s)/Item(s)

Return Charge Rate

Extra Shipping Fee (If Any)

Order(s) canceled before shipping


Overweight/Oversized Item(s): If the weight exceeds 150 lbs or the length, width or height exceeds 106 inch per package, it is an overweight/oversized item.

For overweight/oversized item(s) shipped by LTL, you will be responsible for additional overweight/oversized freight, the labor cost for picking up, etc.

The amount of EXTRA SHIPPING FEE will be determined after we have received the returning item(s).


Order(s) canceled in transit

20% of the actual payment amount of the order(s)

Order(s) that was not rejected due to damage to the outer packaging, or order(s) that has been received but the package has not been opened

25% of the actual payment amount of the order(s)

The Package(s) has been opened but the item(s) is unassembled, undamaged, resalable and the original packaging remains intact

30% of the actual payment amount of the order(s)

The Package(s) has been opened and the  original packaging is unintact but the item(s) is unassembled, undamaged and resalable,

40% of the actual payment amount of the order(s)



We will not accept returns in the following situations:


Request for return without sufficient required information (eg. proof of purchase).


Item(s) has been received beyond the 30-day return period.


Items marked “Non-Returnable” on the sales page and clearance items.


Item(s) has been assembled.


Small cuts, scratches, or damage to the item(s) caused by improper unpacking, installation, cleaning, and other reasons not cause by the seller or the delivery.


Cracks in item(s) caused by random placement.


Discoloration and decay of wood due to abnormal use such as long-term exposal to direct sunlight and water immersion.


Items contain damage caused by misuse, negligence, intentional behavior, and accidents.


Please note that your total refund amount is subject to website discounts. The value of the coupon code will be deducted from the refund. Once the item(s) arrives back at the warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.


We can credit back the refund to your original payment method or return the amount via other payment platforms. Any associated RETURN CHARGE and EXTRA SHIPPING FEE will be deducted from the refund amount.

For credit card refunds, we will start the refund process once we receive the returning item(s) at our warehouse. The refund date depends on the bank processing cycle, which normally takes 10 business days.

For all other refund methods, it takes up to 2 weeks for us to fully process your return and issue your refund.

To check the status of your refund, please visit the 【Account-History Orders】 page.

7.Processing Time

The following sections describe the processing time required for returns and refund.

①For requests for return and refund, we will generally reply within 3 business days after receiving your requests. The processing time depends on when you could provide sufficient required information. Approval will be granted generally within 3 business days once sufficient required information is provided.

②For exchanges, the processing time is generally within 2-3 business days of receipt of the returned item(s), depending on stock availability.

③For refunds, the processing time is generally within 10 business days of receipt of the returned item(s). But the time when you actually receive the refund in your account depends on the payment method.