Pet-friendly Culture

Pet parents experience their biggest bitter-and-sweet moments when their cats drag nails down into furniture or their dogs leave urine stains all over the sofa. They ended up throwing away the torn pieces and sacrificing style for the comfort of their fuzzy children. 


Linsy changes the story by incorporating a pet-loving spirit into every furniture design. Therefore, we have solutions to each type of destructive animal behavior.


Scratch and Tear

According to the Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist association(CAAB), dogs’ chewing and cats’ scratching on furniture are common behaviors to be seen on domesticated animals. By using the correct materials and deterrents, owners can effectively reduce damages.


Our Venus Sectional Sofa, for example, is built with silicon leather, a synthetic fabric with the most physical strength, and solid wood frame which can withstand 300lbs pressure. The high-resilient surface and firm base allow pets to play and have a little fun running over or jumping into it.


Its leather skin is certified by Prop 65 as non-toxic. Meanwhile, it makes a less appealing surface for dogs and cats, because it is stronger at keeping shape, hence unpleasant for destructive scratching or chewing.


Some shoppers mentioned the color being different from what they expected (don't forget you can request free fabric swatches to ensure you're choosing the right color option).


Urine Stain and Odor

For various reasons, dogs pee inside the house, sometimes on sofas. With materials like the silicon leather and polyester, which are waterproof in nature, pet owners stress less about cleaning up. They can easily wipe out urine without worrying about straining. The materials are also safe for bleach cleaning to eliminate the rappellent smell. 


Hair Sticking

Fluffy pets bring trouble easily because their hair falls everywhere. If your sofa is swathed in loosely woven fabrics like tweed, wool and chenille, it’s gonna be a nightmare. But by using silicone leather, microfiber and polyester, LINSY’s furniture is smooth and ultra-tight. It is unlikely for sofas like the Venus to hide animal hair or stick it on the surface. 


Smart material choices mentioned above brilliantly balance owners’ style thirst with pets’ instinctual behaviors, creating a stress-less lifestyle. However, we do not recommend relentless misuse and excessive destruction or negligence to the furniture.