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Process a Warranty

We offer 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Before it arrives unused, there is smudges, damage in the following cases:

  • Food, beverage, human and pet stains
  • Accidental rips & tears

The following situations occur under normal use, excluding man-made malicious damage:

  • Broken frames  & metal components
  • Broken zippers 
  • Chipped, cracked & peeling wood
  • Minor burn & heat marks
  • Product defects, after manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Product repair or replacement PS.


For stains, spot clean with a mild detergent as soon as a stain occurs. We recommend using a solution like dish soap and warm, filtered water. We do not advise cleaning with heavy bleach solutions. For hair or debris, simply use a lint roller or vacuum.


Product damage subjectively generated during use, such as:

  • Damage that occurs during product delivery
  • Pet damage (other than bodily fluids)
  • Odor elimination
  • Stains resulting from acid, ink, wax, dyes, bleach (outside of recommended use) or similar liquids
  • Natural disasters
  • Fortuitous events
  • Damage caused by human factors, accident, misuse of the product or negligence.
  • Theft or loss of the product
  • Multiple claims filed at the same time
  • Claims not initiated within 1 year of the issue.