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Why armchair?

May 27, 2023 Lucy L

If, a sofa to a living room is like dinner to the day, then an armchair is the desert to complete the meal. You can definitely live without it, but you won’t feel complete if you one of those who value the rituals in life.

Here are some armchair ideas: 

The Nostalgic Floral pattern is Back

Modern style has been dominating for a while and we see gray, neutral, white... everywhere. If you get bored already and fancy some feel of natural in the post-pandemic world, then a floral armchair with the old-fashion vibe might meet your expectation. It goes well with traditional American interior and wooden style interiors.

You need that pop of color.

Lemon yellow, one of colors that are associated with summer, is not often used in home interior since most people often go for safer options. However, you can consider a small modern armchair in yellow, so it works perfectly as an accent that adds character and compliments your summer home time. Our Daisy armchair upholstered with stain-resistant fabric, it decorates your space meanwhile saves your cleaning time.

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