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How to choose and use chests of drawers smartly

May 20,2023 | Lucy L

If asked to name a kind of furniture that’s the most versatile, the answer must be chest of drawer (or dresser). You might be surprised, but here is why—A chest of drawer can appear literally everywhere in your house.


Nightstand. There are so many necessities that must be at hand when in bed. Lamps, books, glasses, phone, tissues, drinks....This is where a nightstand with many drawers come into play, cos , you don’t want to throw everything into one box.

Dressing table. Another role a chest of drawer can play is a dressing table. Put your daily skincare essentials, cosmetic products , and accessories in different drawers, so therapeutic to see everything in the right place when getting ready for the day.

Side table. If you have something you want to easily access without having to move your butt, then a sofa side table is a must-have. This 4-drawer or 5-drawer chest  is a good idea.

TV Stand. When you have no idea about what kind of TV stand you need, you can consider a wooden dresser with 6/7 drawers. Works as more than a TV stand, it also adds sophistication and storage to your living room.

Study. Place a 4-drawer chest next to your desk, so that you can easily tuck away your notebooks, glasses, pens...Keeping things organized can improve productivity.

Console table in the entry way. The first thing you see when opening the door defines your home style. A nice console table can add character to your space, and also, in terms of functions, it holds your keys, vases , umbrella...

Or simply work as an stylish accent piece. See the wooden chest of drawers collections.